Doctoral Dissertations in Progress

Provisional titlePhD candidateSupervisorsExpected defense date
Haitian men in Chile: a debate on masculinities, childcare, and public policiesDaniela Poblete
Dra. Sònia Parella y Dra. Iskra Pávez
Migrant warp: Politicization of the pro-migrants associative networks in Chile

María Fernanda Barrera
Dra. Sònia Parella y Dra. Ainhoa Flecha2021
Female leadership and the governance of forced displacement in the border regions of ColombiaMerlys MosqueraDra. Teresa Sordé y Dra. Olga Serradell
2022 (part-time)
Tacna’s Street Markets in Times of COVID-19: On Continuity and Change Concerning Itinerant Trade at the Triple Border between Peru, Chile, and BoliviaJanna DallmannDra. Sònia Parella, Dra. Marcela Tapia y Dr. Jaime Fierro2023
Gender perspective and Cultural Competence in Social Work – Generating a methodological tool to assist immigrant womenCatarina Isabel Alves Vieira da CunhaDra. Sònia Parella2023
Historical cosmopolitanism and the integration narratives of LGBT + migrants in the city: life stories of Brazilians and Brazilians in Lisbon and MadridJoão Pedro Silveira MartinsDra. Sònia Parella y Dra. Teresa Sordé
2023 (part-time)
Small-scale digital trade developed by migrant women in
Santiago de Chile
Catalina Ramírez González Dra. Sònia Parella y Dra. Alisa Petroff2024
Political participation of indigenous peoples in Bogotá, DC An approach from the Public Policy for Indigenous Peoples and the Public Policy for Gender Equity.
Angélica Sofía Majey HernándezDra. Sònia Parella y Dra. Olga Serradell2024 (tiempo parcial)
Jóvenes Migrantes Solos. Identidades y violencia.
Montserrat Soria BonichDra. Sònia Parella y Dr. Massoud Sharifi2026