Finding ways out of forced marriages: prevention, protection and support tools for practitioners across Europe


Assess their needs through 4 activities and 5 products: a legal report related to FM in Europe, summaries with legal frameworks about FM in selected countries of origin, a needs assessment report and recommendations for professionals, an interactive mapping of good practices, and an European training workshop with professionals.


Encourage mutual learning and creative capacity through 4 activities and 3 deliverables: a multi-agency manual, national “train the trainers” workshops oriented to frontline professionals working on the ground.


Raise awareness and contribute to a change in behaviors and practices through 2 activities and 2 products: graphic brochures and a narrative video.


Advocate for the end of FM, campaigning with policy makers and stakeholders through 6 activities and 6 outputs: a communication plan, a policy and legislation brief, seminars with policy makers, participation in events, a final FM-OUT conference, and a Memorandum of Cooperation.


The main beneficiaries of the project will be professionals working in the following areas: formal and informal education, health, security forces, justice, social services, gender violence and management of cultural diversity. Other specialists, policy makers in public administration, those working in the Third Sector, foundations, etc. will also benefit from the FM-OUT results and recommendations


The key expected results are: to achieve a greater knowledge and awareness among professionals about FM; to create a greater capacity to tackle FM; to strengthen multi-institutional cooperation; to achieve a greater extension and adaptation of structures for prevention and response to violence to cover FMs; a greater incidence of FMs in political and public agendas and a more coherent and coordinated approach in the provision of support services to victims of FM.

Project sheet

Sònia Parella

Sònia Parella UAB (Investigadora principal)

David Moya UB/CER-M

Enric Barbet UB/CER-M

Romina Tavernelli UAB/CER-M

Thales Speroni UAB/CER-M

Paola Contreras UAB/CER-M

Olga Serradell UAB/CER-M

Ainhoa Flecha UAB/CER-M

Alisa Petroff UOC & CER-M

Berta Guell  CIDOB & CER-M

García, Almudena Manso (UB)

Güell, Berta (CIDOB; UAB)

Soriano, Rosa (UGR)

Petroff, Alisa (UOC; UAB)

European Commission. European Union’s Right, Equality and Citizenship Programme